Brown Cut Adidas

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When PT Kizone garment factory in Indonesia closed in April of 2011, 2,800 workers and their families found themselves without nearly half a year’s wages worth of severance pay. Adidas is the only major buyer from the factory that has refused to accept its legal responsibility and pay $1.8 million in legally owed severance to workers, who are struggling to keep children in school and put food on the table. Brown University administrators have confronted Adidas about its violation, and the company still refuses to pay workers. Most egregiously, the situation at PT Kizone is not an isolated incident: recent reports about wage and health violations from workers in factories that produce Adidas apparel in China, Honduras, and Nicaragua show that Adidas is a global abuser of workers’ rights. In maintaining its contract with Adidas in spite of the company’s clear violation of our vendor code of conduct, Brown University is condoning Adidas’ wage theft. Cornell University and Oberlin College have already acted to terminate their business relationships with Adidas, putting pressure on the company to fulfill its obligations to the workers who make their product.


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