Stop Gap Death Traps!

On July 6th, a group of thirteen SLAers and allies went down to the Gap at Providence Place Mall to raise a ruckus about the Gap’s refusal to sign the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh. As part of the International Day of Action to End Deathtraps, we made Providence one of over 30 cities around the world where students, workers, and community members got together to give Gap and Walmart a piece of their mind. (Walmart has also refused to sign the Accord.)

After sending a few of our members to flyer the store in secret, we went into the store as a group, looking like normal shoppers. But then Ken got a phone call. “What?! Gap clothes are made in death traps?” He yelled into the receiver. We all picked up signs then, and started a picket line in the middle of the store, much to the horror of the manager. We chanted and died-in while Stoni and Ken delivered our message to a startled manager. Before long, we had a crowd of spectators–and then a crowd of mall cops, eager to kick us out. They escorted us out to cheers of the classic “We’ll be back!”

It was an exciting action, and a strong message to the Gap: cut the crap, respect worker rights and fix your deathtraps!

See pictures below:

Stoni and Ken talk to the manager

group protests


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