Adidas Worker Tour Comes to Brown!

ImagePart I: The Morning

Hidup buruh! Up with the workers! They’re here!

-They being Asmiati Wandoyo and Yudo Sasmito, two former PT Kizone workers from who are touring colleges around the US speaking out about the hardships they continue to face as a consequence of Adidas’ disregard for workers’ rights.

Yudo and Asmiati arrived Wednesday night with their translator, Gillian Bogart, and met up with SLA members over dinner. The following day at 11:50am, as students flocked outside to enjoy one of the most delicious spring days we’ve had yet, about 20 SLA members and allies from other groups including Brown MEChA, QA, Divest Coal, and BSJP lay down to show that Brown refusing to cut its contract is more than we can stand!

After some hearty chants in English and Indonesian and a few eloquent words from SLA members and Yudo and Asmiati themselves, the workers and a smaller contingent of students met with Vice President for Campus Life and Student Services Margaret Klawunn.

The workers shared their stories of hardship and mistreatment under the Adidas’ watch, and called on the University to take immediate action. Members of the Brown Take Adidas Down campaign afterwards noted how the last year of campaigning–and now to top it off the testimony of the workers–has changed the University’s tone. Rather than talking about “alleged violations,” administrators can no longer deny the facts. In the next week, perhaps we shall see if they are willing to do more than talk the talk. As Yudo pointedly told Klawunn at the end of the meeting: “We thank you for your limited solidarity in expressing your concern over the situation… but we hope that you will show full solidarity by cutting the contract.”

To read more about badidas and Yudo and Asmiati’s college tour, check out the national campaign website:


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