Working Out for Workers’ Rights

This past Tuesday, about 20 members of SLA and our allies got together on a snowy Main Green to work out for workers’ rights!

In an action inspired by our friends at Cornell Organization for Labor Action, who have made “working out for workers’ rights” a bit of a signature, we gathered in a circle at around noon and did numerous jumping jacks for justice, before heading into the Blue Room to gather petition signatures. Lastly, we skipped over to University Hall to deliver an ultimatum letter to President Paxson, declaring our dissatisfaction with her response to Adidas’ violations. (To read that letter, follow this link.) On our arrival we were told that she was in a meeting and could not talk to us, so after one last round of “grassroots aerobics,” we headed back out into the snow.

To our surprise, as we were exiting the building from one door, we saw Paxson herself leaving another. We quickly walked over to her, and several of our members delivered beautiful, impromptu speeches calling on Paxson to honor our Vendor Code of Conduct and CUT ADIDAS NOW!

To read how the Brown Daily Herald covered our action, follow this link:



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