End Sweatshops in Our Bookstore & Call on Brown To Support the City!

A few upcoming events in the SLA Community, hope to see you there…
Teach-In: End Sweatshops in Our Bookstore
Come learn about the international Garment Workers Solidarity work  that students on campus are doing.
Wednesday March 14th, 2012
8pm – 9:30pm
Salomon 001
Stephanie Medina and Mariela Martinez report back from their Delegation to Central America where they met with workers from factories that produce the clothes that go into our bookstores. We will be screening interviews and primary source of the factories and communities that produce clothing for our schools. We will discuss the worsening of conditions and the lowering of wages caused by globalization and the corporate sponsored race to the bottom. In this time of crisis where brands, like Nike Addidas and Champion/Hanes refuse to comply with codes of conduct and exciting new opportunity for student worker solidarity emerges. This opportunity arises through the The Designated Suppliers Program which aims to require brands that produce our college apparel to pay a fair price and create stability for workers in facotories where workers rights are respected.

Call on Our University to Deepen Their Commitment to the City of Providence
The city of Providence is facing serious financial hardship, having started the year with a deficit of over $100 million. In order to close that gap, everyone is being asked to make sacrifices: five city schools have been closed, property and car taxes are increasing, and public-sector unions are making important cuts.
In negotiations last Fall, President Ruth Simmons and Mayor Angel Taveras shook hands on an agreement that would provide $4 million annually to the city. That agreement stalled in the University Corporation. Since then, other non-profits in the city have agreed to increase their financial contribution.
Brown has a $2.5 billion endowment (that grew over 18% last year) and owns over $1 billion of tax-exempt property in the city. Brown is a part of Providence and needs to be a part of the solution. This means making an increased financial contribution to the city, but also building a stronger relationship that will benefit both students and the broader community into the future.
We ask you to please sign the petition online. 

There are also 2 upcoming events calling on Brown to deepen their commitment to the City of Providence:


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