Facilities Workers Continue Contract Negotiations

Over the past few weeks, facilities workers at Brown have been negotiating with the University for a new contract, which will be in place for the next three years.  Right now, the University is proposing to raise workers’ contribution to their healthcare coverage.  While workers are asking for a 4% wage increase each year, the University is only proposing a 1.75% increase, which will not match the rising cost of living.  Finally, workers are concerned about the maintenance of unionized positions as the University expands into new parts of the city.  As Brown grows outside of its main campus, it is relying on subcontracted workers, who receive lower wages and fewer benefits than Brown’s other employees.  With the increase of subcontracted workers, it is harder for other Brown employees to negotiate for higher wages and better benefits.  Moreover, all workers deserve living wages, affordable healthcare, and just working conditions.

In the past, Brown has tried to impose similar healthcare and wage cuts.  But we have also seen the tremendous influence that Brown students have on the University to prevent these cutbacks and to support the demands of workers!  The contract should be finalized by October 13, so it is imperative for students to show their support as soon as possible.  Let the University know that you stand with workers by signing the online petition today!

For other ways to get involved in the fight with facilities workers, email brownsla@gmail.com or come to one of the Student Labor Alliance meetings on Thursdays at 8 PM in Faunce Room 342.


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