HEI victory: “a powerful reminder of what is possible”

The Marriage between HEI Corperate Greed and Brown University Investment Office - Thankfully they're planning on seperating shortly

Our friends at the Responsible Endowments Coalition ran a featured piece about our recent win on the HEI campaign:

Brown is the first university to take this stance, in a nationwide campaign that has spanned two years, almost ten college campuses, a sit-in at the investment office at Yale and a weeklong hunger strike at Notre Dame. The progress over time is tangible. Students successfully pushed a university all the way from refusing to acknowledge its investment in HEI, to recommending against giving the company more money in the future—a testament to the value of perseverance in student activist campaigns. Brown Student Labor Alliance members raised their objections about the university’s investment in HEI to Brown ACCRIP five times before this recent victory. Each time, the Student Labor Alliance’s concerns were dismissed as unsubstantiated or outside of the committee’s purview, and each time, students responded by organizing a public response to those dismissals, refusing to allow the ongoing injustices at HEI hotels to be ignored. That refusal to be discouraged by the naysaying of administrators ultimately delivered an unprecedented declaration that respect for labor rights must be a guiding principle for the University’s investments, a powerful reminder of what is possible in our movements for student power and worker power.

Check out the whole post here.


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