Providence Action for Fair Food at Stop & Shop!

Are you a labor ally living in Providence, and not sure what to do this Friday (November 19) at 4pm? Come to the action for farmworker justice and fair food at the Stop & Shop grocery store at 333 West River Street, Providence, RI.!

We want Stop and Shop to sign a fair food agreement ensuring that none of its tomatoes are picked in slave labor conditions, and guaranteeing an extra penny per pound for the farmworkers who pick the tomatoes (who haven’t received a real raise in thirty years!) 90% of the tomatoes produced in the US during 8 months of the year come from Florida, and these tomatoes end up in our dining halls, restaurants, supermarkets, and kitchen tables. The Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) is a community organization led by mainly Latino, Haitian, and Mayan Indian immigrant farmworkers in Florida. The CIW has run successful fair food campaigns against nine major corporations, including Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Subway, and Whole Foods. Now the CIW and its allies (a.k.a. us!) are turning to the supermarket industry calling on Stop and Shop (and its parent-company Ahold) to take responsibility for the abuses occurring in its tomato supply-chain. Every day that the Stop and Shop turns a blind eye is another day that the human-rights crisis persists in the fields.

We will be picketing, delivering a letter to the store’s management, and doing street theater outside of Stop & Shop to encourage the chain to sign a fair food agreement with the CIW! See you at 4pm on Friday outside of the Stop & Shop on River Street! (If you’re a Brown student who happens to be reading this, meet up at 3:30pm outside of Faunce Arch so we can head down together. Bring a bike if you can.)


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