Over two-hundred turn out in support of the library workers at Brown!

Thanks to everyone who came out for a very successful rally and march yesterday! Support for the library workers is only growing stronger every day: according to the Projo, 200 students, workers, and their allies attended the rally on the Main Green outside of University Hall yesterday to demand a fair contract for the library workers.

After students, workers, and faculty spoke to the crowd, the rally attendees temporarily took over the first floor of University Hall. As SLA has previously noted, Brown’s Vice President for Finance and Administration, Beppie Huidekoper, made many misleading statements in a BDH article last week regarding the library workers’ contract. On What? Cheer!’s beat, we marched inside of University Hall to Vice President Huidekoper’s office to demand economic justice and affordable healthcare. We showed Vice President Huidekoper that her efforts to pit workers and students against each other–as she attempted to do in that same BDH article by dishonestly misrepresenting the University’s budget–will NEVER work.

Huidekoper had the audacity to make such deceptive claims in the BDH, but when it came time to confront the Brown community’s overwhelming opposition to her statements, she wouldn’t come out of her office to talk to us. While she may have refused to face us in person, we know that she certainly heard the us!

After leaving University Hall, the march continued, first to the Rock, and then to the SciLi. We chanted and leafletted inside of the libraries, sending a message to the workers there that they have our support, and making sure that the students using the libraries are aware of what is going on with the library workers’ contract.

The action ended outside on the steps of the SciLi, with rally and march attendees shouting (just as we did at the end of the rally we held outside of the Rock three weeks earlier) “We’ll be back (soon)! We’ll be back (soon)!”

And we will continue to come back, again and again, until the University signs a fair contract with the library workers. The contract expires again this Monday (11/8), so keep your ears open and eyes peeled for updates and action alerts!

Video footage of the action is coming soon. For now, here’s the link to the Projo coverage: http://newsblog.projo.com/2010/11/students-rally-for-brown-libra.html


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