Support Campus Library Workers!

Brown library workers are currently in contract negotiations. The university is proposing changes that would decrease compensation and hurt working families by doing the following:

Increasing Heath Care Contribution: The University is demanding that library workers pay more than DOUBLE their current heath care contribution. This change would cost workers hundreds of dollars a month and would effectively mean they are getting a pay cut, even with a 2 or 3% pay increase.

Shifting Hours:
The University is trying to change a decade old moratorium on shifting hours for the library workers to make it easier to change hours of work. If this were to be changed, workers would be forced to work unpredictable hours to maintain their positions.

Eliminating Doorguards:
The University has eliminated the door guard position at the Rock, and subcontracted the position at the SciLi. They are planning to even replace the desk at the Rock with a turnstile – therefore if you forget your Brown Card or if you are permitted access and do not have a card, you will not be able to enter. For the sake of students and workers it is crucial that there is a human face at these desks maintaining who enters and leaves the building.

Brown Student Labor Alliance is committed to supporting the library workers in their fight, and we hope you’ll join us in showing the administration that the Brown community is united in its commitment to economic justice and fair treatment of workers. Sign the petition here; by entering your email address, you’ll receive updates from us about upcoming actions and strategies to support the library workers in the next week!


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