Rally Against Layoffs at Brown! TUESDAY, May 11 at 1:30 PM!

Join students, staff, alumni, and community members this coming TUESDAY at 1:30 pm at THE ROCKEFELLER LIBRARY (10 Prospect St.) to demand an end to the layoffs at Brown and for the University to rehire all 60 staff that have been laid off!

The University’s representatives for library contract negotiations will be meeting with library workers on Tuesday afternoon, and we plan to let them know what we think about the layoffs! We will then march the petition (http://tinyurl.com/brownlayoffs) with well over 400 signatures to select administrators.

This rally is not planned to last longer than half an hour to 45 minutes at the most, but even if you can’t afford to stay it out, please consider dropping by. But most of all, REMEMBER: students, community members, and alumni have the MOST power to end these layoffs.

If you are interested in joining the planning crew, email brownsla@gmail.com.  We will be meeting tonight, Monday, May 10 at 8:30 PM in J. Walter Wilson (Room TBA- sign in lobby!).


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